ICC Twenty 20 Cricket World Cup Semifinals


Like most of us who have grown up watching cable television, playing computer games and surfing the internet, the most profound quality i have is of “Low Attention Span”.

That is why I am loving the new avatar of cricket (the only collective stress buster for a billion Indians). Call it Twenty 20 or T20 or masala cricket it has all the ingredients to keep u hooked to the small screen for 3 hours.

In the inaugural ICC Twenty 20 Cricket World Cup we have already witnessed several upsets, huge sixes, one tie breaking bowl out and a good dose of thrills.

I would love to see a Ten 10 Cricket World Cup, probably by 2020…and will especially be thrilled if at least 25% of the multiplexes in India, screen those matches too…

Just hours before the 2 semi finals  being played out in South Africa, between India & Australia, and Pakistan & New Zealand…i will stick my neck out and predict India and Pakistan as finalists. I may very well go wrong but a India vs Pakistan Twenty 20 World Cup Final will not only please us immensely and unite one billion people for at least a day..but also will boost ICC’s bottom line to a large extent.

For now, let me throw away the cynical shades in my mind and lets cheer for India..

Chak De India…(not promoting the film….but i love my country…a lot)

And a few more street photos on my facebook account.

Take Care & Give Care Too

The Free Spitrit


3 thoughts on “ICC Twenty 20 Cricket World Cup Semifinals

  1. Hi, all Friends

    Cricket has shed its image as a dull, unattractive and lengthy sport after the

    spectacular success of the inaugural Twenty20 World Championship.

    The event, which ended on Monday with India beating Pakistan by five runs in a

    rousing finale, created such a stir that Twenty20 is now being hailed as a revolution

    that will change the leisurely sport forever.

    There were more thrills and excitement packed into two weeks of non-stop action

    than in the entire six weeks of the 50-over World Cup in the Caribbean earlier this


    Crowds thronged the three venues in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban as sixes,

    boundaries and heart-stopping finishes provided a cricketing spectacle unmatched in

    recent times.

    West Indian Chris Gayle slammed the first ever T20 century in the September 11

    opener, Zimbabwe stunned Australia, Bangladesh ousted the West Indies, Aussie

    Brett Lee took a hat trick and India’s Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes in an over.

    This is Relly Great Victory.


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