Indian Television & Film Industry…My Experiences…Part Two

Back To 2006: My First Day In The Indian Television & Film Industry 

So I entered into Vijay Studios, a make shift set created for the serial Andheri (East) of Mumbai.. as the  Chandivali Studios..the prime location for most of its shoots was no more available…

My First Reaction To The Sets..was…”Oh My God”…till then i had been associated with some short films..which had almost low to no budget..and my biggest contact in the Bollywood Film & TV Industry (dont ask me why and how…please…) was producer, director Shomu Mukherjee ( I respect him a lot , he is the father of Bollywood Celebrities Kajol and Tanisha and father-in-law of Ajay Devgan).

Anyways, back to the sets, the first time i got the feeling that I was in the Industry, was, when I was offered the studio chai (tea)..the guy said ..Dada Chai…that was the first industry norm that i learnt…almost everyone on the sets…will call each other Dada…until they are on first name terms…I allowed my friend to carry on his work while I moved around the set..checking out the lights being setup by the lighting department..the art team making the final settings…and the direction team discussing the properties and requirements with the production team…

I had never before met or seen Rajiv Mehra ..the Director of the Serial…but my friend told he was the Series Director and Anil Luthria was the Episode Diector…since I had never watched “Shararat” on Television before, I had no clue who the cast was…so when Shruti Seth( I got her name later in the day) walked past me…i was wondering why everyone was greeting her…”Good morning Madam”…

In an hours time all the artistes scheduled for the day started arriving …again most of their names i didn’t know at the beginning…barring …Farida Jalal…who is a stalwart actress of Bollywood….

The Director arrived and started discussing the scenes (there were around 10 scenes in the shooting schedule that day..from different episodes)…with the Direction team…and by the time the first shot was taken it was 11.45 am ( we reached the sets at 8.30 am)…

The entire technicalities involved in the day’s shoot…was an eye opener for me…specially after the morning’s initial shock of reading the script…which was ….simply obnoxious…(please pardon me for using the term)…But the shoot was interesting enough….witnessing all the nitty gritties involved was just fascinating for day one…so I decided to go to the shoot for the entire schedule..which was for 6 days…(4 episodes were to be canned..sorry taped…in the schedule of 6 days)….What happened Next…??? …Let Me Write It In My Next Post…

Till Then Take Care…

The Free Spirit…


2 thoughts on “Indian Television & Film Industry…My Experiences…Part Two

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