A Great Man….

Hi Guys,


Wanted to share an Experience…


The one thing common amongst all great humans…are that once you meet them , listen to them or talk to them…you instantly know that they are Great Human Beings…and  they hook you almost unknowingly…I had the same feeling when I met Mahesh Bhatt for the first time..while working in my current film project.. Kajraare.


Bhatt saab, as he is fondly called is the writer of Kajraare, which Pooja Bhatt is directing, and T Series is producing…I met Bhatt saab for the first time when he started coming for our script readings and our workshop rehearsals…and was instantly impressed…that he is an institution in Bollywood is a well know fact…but the mind behind that man is special…real special…the passion with which he talks about acting and all things related to films is stupendous…but what adds to the greatness is his thoughts about life and living…Truly a great man, a great mind, a great personality, and a great teacher…


C Ya Soon…

The Free Spirit…



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