Inbox – The Film

The editing of the Short Film “INBOX” which is presented by Eagle Films Pvt Ltd and Written and Directed by Pritish Chakraborty is now complete. Here goes a brief about the film including the cast and crew.


An Email Can Change Your Life Forever !!!


Abhay, a dream chaser stays PG with his landlord Vijay Saxena in Mumbai. Vijay treats Abhay as a brother and takes care of all his expenses while Abhay hopes to make it big in the music industry as a pop singer.

One day Abhay gets unexpected access to Vijay’s personal email account and starts receiving prize money which is actually meant for Vijay for winning subsequent levels in an online game called “The Eliminator” .

What happens next? Come find out the riveting story of a wannabe popstar whose life transforms through one innocuous email in the Inbox.



Abhay : Sandeep Anand
Vijay Saxena : Om Prakash
Ajit Kumar : Prashant Singh
Courier Person: Shivam
Security : Manish Mani


Director of Photography : Ashok Vishwakarma
Gaffer : M. Mithilesh
Sound Recordist : Munna
Smoke Artist : Gunjan Sharma
Assistant Smoke Artist : Ajinkya Jadhav
Assistant Director : Neha Pinto
Editor : Aditya Gulve
Music : Andrew – Enoch
Singer : Enoch
Lyrics : Pritish Chakraborty
Background Music : Vikram Shastri
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues : Pritish Chakraborty
Producer : Rajiv Mehra
Director : Pritish Chakraborty

Cheers to the team of “INBOX” !!!


2 thoughts on “Inbox – The Film

  1. Hi my name is Flinn i am a fresher i am 23 years old my hight is 5.6 and i have also played some roles in BMM and also want to do more in this industry i will be very happy and glad if i get a call for any up coming serials,ads or any other thanks Mr Deepak.


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