What an Artiste !!!

Hi Friends,

Last night recorded the 4th song for my feature film ” Chal Pichchur Banate Hain” at Kailasa Studios with Kailash Kher… and it was such a super awesome experience… The song composed by Gaurav Dagaonkar was so brilliantly rendered by the little dynamo… Kailash Kher that i could only leave the studios with the expression… “What an Artiste !!! “…..

Coming to Artist..finally managed to watch the Oscar winning film “The Artist”… yeah i saw it very very late… by now the whole world must have seen it and commented about it… i am not a critic and i hate criticising films but i would only like to say that while watching ” The Artist” i felt i was watching a silent rehashed version of “Singin in the rain” and “Sunset Boulevard”… and both films were way better than “The Artist” … i know by saying this i might offend a lot of critics n cinegoers… but couldn’t stop me from saying so… “The Artist” is a very well made film… but its not a Classic… !!!

Pritish Chakraborty


2 thoughts on “What an Artiste !!!

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