Highest fall in % basis in Nifty & Sensex since September 2011 !!!

Hi Friends,

We predicted that the markets are going to fall sharply, after the Fed announcement yesterday and they did fall alarmingly.

Sensex fell by 526.41 points while Nifty fell by 166.35 points, the highest fall in % basis since September 2011.

Indian Rupee also hit an all time low of Rs 59.97 to the US Dollar down by 2.15 %

So how do you Make Money in this precarious situation of falling Markets and depreciating Asset Classes all across the board? How do you safeguard your Assets? How do you make your Money Grow in such a free fall ?

Visit http://millionandabove.com/ for Money Making Strategies in this Globally Alarming Scenario !!!


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