Pirated Copy ?

Last night i was travelling from Thane to Mumbai, it was drizzling a bit … felt like having dinner at a roadside dhaba… the quintessential choice… my assistant and my driver instantly agreed.

So we hopped down, and ordered some tandoori delicacies…while we were waiting for the expected sumptuous dinner, my assistant went off for a smoke…

He took a rather longish time to come back to our table.. but when he did turn up.. he had an accomplice with him…a lanky fellow of 15 or 16..he was the son of the Dhaba owner..

In a rather shy manner said, “Sir maine Chal Pichchur Banate Hain aaj morning mein dekhi… aapki picture bahut achchi hai”…

after a customary thank you i asked “Kahan dekhi, DTH par?” …

quite innocently he quipped “Nahin Sir, internet se pirated copy download karke diya tha mere friend ne”…

i stared at his seemingly innocent face and quizzed ” Pirated copy? tumhe pata hai pirated copy dekhna illegal hai?”

he answered “par sir free mein toh milta hai”

a little stirred up by now i almost scolded him “free mein jo bhi milega dekhoge? tumhe pata hai hum logo ko kitna kharcha hota hai ek film banane mein?”

unruffled he said, “par sir jinke paas paise nahin hote hai theatre ya DVD mein film dekhne ke liye woh kya kare?”

i was not shocked by his answer, but i had no reply to the question …

The question haunted me all through the night, and the dinner tasted a little less princely than previously expected….

Does anyone know the answer to the question ??

Yours Truly

Pritish Chakraborty


One thought on “Pirated Copy ?

  1. According to me, people should definitely buy the original dvds as their conscience must speak for them. Every time I buy an original movie, I feel a peculiar sense of gratification, honestly! And no wonder, I maintain a big video library at my home. It makes me really proud. But how many people let their conscience speak for themselves? that’s a worry. Yet, a bigger worry is : how many people can actually afford a original disc.
    As long as torrent dvdrips are easily (infact more readily available) than original discs, i can imagine it is hard to trample this evil. Let’s take eg. of Avengers Movie – it costs 1500 bucks on flipkart and almost as good a print is available on torrent. (which is absolutely free)… to be honest, it must be terrible hard to resist that urge..! Also, it’s almost criminal to ask a poor person (1k-2k salaried man) to buy an original movie and splurge 75% of his salary on it. I completely understand that a filmmaker spends huge sums of money…(even more handwork) into making movies and these rates are justifiable to all the toil that goes into making one movie. With changing times, the main Revenue strategy must be selling the media, satellite, overseas, (Even youtube) rights..! Therefore, DTH is a great option. Poor man gets to watch them at a much cheaper rate and filmmaker also gets his due for his craft. Nowadays, a lot of revenue is being generated by filming the movies on youtube as well. It’s time, filmmakers turned to these new methods and eradicate this problem.


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