The Indian Rupee breaches the 64 level !!!

Hi Friends,

The Indian Rupee today breached the 64 level!!! In June I had predicted through my Technical Analysis that Rupee is going to depreciate further to 65 levels in 1 to 3 months time,

and now in less than 2 month’s time it’s at 64.

When I made the forecast of the 2008 Stock Market plunge to 8000 levels on BSE SENSEX many people laughed, but the Market proved me right. Most Investors, Traders and Brokerages try to beat the Market, but the MARKET has it’s own MIND and the MARKET is always RIGHT, the Fundamentals don’t drive the Market, it can only try to understand the Market.

To see my recent Market Predictions and Forecast regarding the Stock market, Rupee and Gold using Technical Analysis, please revisit the following pages :


Happy Investing

Pritish Chakraborty


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