Diamonds of Jupiter, Clouds of Mars !!!

Dear Friends,

Here goes some interesting latest News from across the Globe regarding Space Missions.


Latest scientific findings have revealed that in the hostile atmosphere of Jupiter, there might be an ocean of liquid diamond and maybe in a distant future, robotic probes from Earth could possibly mine these diamonds in the deep atmospheres of the distant planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Urnaus, Neptune etc.

For more on the latest findings you can check here or


Back here on Planet Earth, ESA (European Space Agency) is conducting the Sample Acquisition Field Experiment with a Rover (SAFER), field trial and gaining experience in remotely operating a Mars rover prototype equipped with scientific instruments.
This experiment is happening in the Mars-like Atacama, in Chile the driest desert on Earth and it’s mission is to find the best locations to drill down to collect subsurface samples on Mars.

For the full article you can check here


Again cut back to Space, the above image is a very first flyby picture of our Earth which has been transmitted back by Juno after going into ‘Safe” mode.
NASA’s Juno orbiter probe is on it’s Mission towards Jupiter, and has successfully performed a crucial swingby of Earth which has accelerated the probe by 16330 MPH to enable it to arrive in orbit around Jupiter on July 4, 2016.
For the full article you can check here


Again here on our Home Planet, a team of Scientists have created Martian clouds right here on Earth by using a cloud chamber in Germany and rock from the Mojave Desert. This experiment proves that the Red Planet’s ice clouds often need far more humidity to form than clouds on Earth.

For the full article you can check here

Smash Cut to the team of Mangal Ho which is busy 24 * 7 in creating a rocking fun filled movie which is going to be unleashed to the movie lovers of India in 2017. More about our mission Mangal Ho and many more interesting pictures, videos and news about other Space Missions in our subsequent posts. Meanwhile you can let us know which Planet of the Solar System fascinates you the most by Voting here :

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