Mangal Ho is a 70th Anniversary Gift !!!

Dear Friends,

Mariner 4 launched by NASA was the First successful Mars Mission conducted by us, the Modern Humans.
Mariner 4 was launched on 28 November 1964 and passed Planet Mars at 9825 km on July 14, 1965, and returned 22 Television quality pictures of its surface.
Mariner 4 also discovered the cratered nature of Mars’ surface 52 years ago.


Meanwhile the Hindi Comic-Thriller Film, Mangal Ho is our 70th Anniversary Gift to the Indian Audience thus celebrating and commemorating the 70th Independence Day of India.

Mangal Ho will land at the Movie Theaters on 11th August 2017.


Also you can let us know which Planet of the Solar System fascinates you the most by Voting here :

Cheers !!!

Prithvi ka Mangal Ho !!!

Chakraborty Pritish
Group CEO, MD
Ascent Group Of Companies
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