Medicines for Martian Colonists !!! Mangal Ho !!!

Dear Friends,

Even before Humans start colonizing Planet Mars and setup human colonies in Mars, Craig Venter is making sure that they will receive their medicines regularly from Planet Earth.
John Craig Venter at Synthetic Genomics
Craig Venter at Synthetic Genomics, his laboratory in La Jolla, California is creating a household appliance of the future. It is an appliance that would receive DNA sequences over the internet to synthesise proteins, viruses and even living cells.

Craig Venter’s creation could help future Martian colonists by giving them access to the vaccines, antibiotics or personalised drugs they will need on Planet mars. Moreover if any DNA-based life is found on Mars, a digital version could be transmitted back to Earth, where scientists could recreate the extraterrestrial organism using their own life-printing instrument.

For the full article you can check here

All we can say to Craig Venter and the future Martian Colonists is All the Best and Mangal Ho !!!

Cheers !!!

Ascent Films Private Limited (AFPL)


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