101 Lessons of Life !!!

101 Lessons of Life :

Lesson# 98 : Love for Self makes the World go around … Pritish Chakraborty

Lesson# 99 : You can understand a person’s Past, Present and Future by knowing what he Eats, Drinks and Smokes … Pritish Chakraborty

Lesson# 100 : Whenever you are doubtful about your potential, remember you have inside you, the power to create another human being, everything else is much easier to achieve … Pritish Chakraborty

Lesson# 101 :To be successful and always in demand, be like the bai of Mumbai houses by showing utter disinterest in what you are offered and having the attitude and guts to say “tumko jo ukhadna hai ukhad lo, main kal se nahin areli” … Pritish Chakraborty


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