Happy Deepavali !!! Mangal Ho !!!

Dear Friends,

Eons ago Rama’s conquest over Ravana, and his victory left such a huge impact on the collective conscience of the people of the Indian subcontinent through the various ancient texts, literature, beliefs and rituals that we still celebrate the event through some of our biggest festivals like Dussehra and Deepavali.
Probably when the great Lanka war and the subsequent victory of Rama happened no one in that era would have imagined that the impact of it will not only stay but grow with the passage of every century down the line.

Today is Deepavali and in two days from now, on 5th November 2013, ISRO is going to launch its Mars Mission, “Mangalayan”, which is an event which if successful will pave a new age for Indian Space Research and put India in the frontiers of space exploration and conquests.

There are high chances that this event too will have a huge impact and its findings will be remembered for centuries to come and also might effect the collective conscience of the people in ways that most of us can hardly imagine today.
images (1)

So here’s wishing ISRO all the very best for Mangalayan and
Wishing everyone a very very Happy Deepavali !!!

Mangal Ho !!!

Cheers !!!

Pritish Chakraborty

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