Mangalyaan Sucessfully Launched, A Big Lift for ISRO, A Giant Leap for INDIA !!!

Dear Friends,

Finally the D-Day arrived !!! Precisely at 2.38 pm IST Mangalyaan (Mars Craft) was launched from Sriharikota spaceport and has already successfully completed its first phase.
Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter will orbit around Earth for 6 times in the next 25 days and will start it’s odyssey towards Planet Mars on 1st December, 2013 and finally reach Mars’ orbit stage AFTER 300 DAYS ON 24TH SEPTEMBER 2014.


This is a momentous day for not only ISRO and Indians but might be writing a new chapter in the evolution of Man and Human Space Explorations if everything goes alright.

The fact that the success of Mangalyaan will mark a Big Step for ISRO and a Giant Leap for India as the missions’ success will catapult India to a true space pioneering country, as only 3 other countries (USA, Russia and European Union) have succeeded in unmanned Mars missions prior to this, is known to all of us.

The real path breaking achievement will be if Mangalyaan can find traces of life on Mars, or maybe find solutions to setting up future human colonies on Mars, which is a very very high possibility in our own lifetimes.


Human Evolution has seen several triggers in the form of The First Man who stood Erect, The First Man who could talk, The First Man who controlled Fire, The First Man who could Cook, The First Man who could Cultivate Food and The First Man who could domesticate Animals.

Indeed the First Man who started living on another Planet (like Mars) will be such a great trigger and its implications will change humanity and human evolution forever. Waiting for that reality to witness live in my Lifetime !!!
images (1)

So here’s Congratulating ISRO for it’s stupendous feat and wishing the best for Mangalayan !!!

Mangal Ho !!!

Cheers !!!

Pritish Chakraborty

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