Suchitra Sen RIP : Bengal looses her favourite Maha Nayika !!!

Suchitra Sen

Suchitra Sen

The beauty of Cinema is that it makes you Immortal. Mortal humans through their most powerful and magical works in the world of Cinema transcend generations and eras.

Bengal’s favorite Maha Nayika Suchitra Sen passed away today leaving behind her huge body of work (between the years 1952 to 1978) which has already surpassed the transition of Cinema from black and white celluloid to  today’s 4K Digital Cinema. I have never seen her live nor at a theatre, but i am sure that her expressions, her smile, her eyes and her performances which kept the cine going audience under a hypnotic spell will continue to do so till time immemorial…  Suchitra Sen bid adieu to her millions of fans and admirers today, who can probably ask now :  Ei poth jodi na sesh hoi tobe kemon hoto ???

Pritish Chakraborty


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