New York Will Be Yorked

New York Will Be Yorked

Prithvi Ka Mangal Ho :

My Predictions for 2017 – 2020 : Part 5 :

Top Cities Of the World

The World will see a sea change as the birth of NEW IDEAS and NEW FORCES become the order of the day for the next three years 2017 – 2020.

I am just predicting based on my analysis and research and neither am i for or against any of the following. These are just my predictions without any affiliations. Share with me your ideas on my predictions once you have gone through them.

Here are some of my predictions for 2017 – 2020 on the Top Cities of the World:


Ever since Donald Trump entered into the US Presidential Race , he has been the center of gravity of all World Media Headlines.

Initially in 2015, no one took his candidature seriously till in September 2015 when  Trump promised his allegiance to the Republican Party.

Now in 2017, 2 months have already passed since Donald Trump took over as the 45th American President, but his presidency in this short span of time has been extremely tumultuous,to say the least.

The events that will follow in the next 3 years between 2017 – 2020 will have a huge impact on the future of NEW YORK.

Currently NEW YORK is ranked No.2 amongst the TOP FINANCIAL CENTERS of the World, but my prediction is that its position will decline in the next 3 years.

Taking a Cricket analogy NEW YORK WILL BE YORKED !!!

A reverse immigration from New York will happen increasingly in the next 3 years between 2017 – 2020 and the Great City will witness a decrease in population.

A large number of people who are born in India but are currently staying in New York (estimated 6,00,000 ) may move out and come back to India.

All I can say is NEW YORK Ka Mangal Ho !!!




Prithvi ka Mangal Ho !!!

Chakraborty Pritish
Group CEO, MD
Ascent Group Of Companies
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