A New World : By Order : 9th June 2017, Friday

Prithvi Ka Mangal Ho :

Exactly 8 weeks after my last Prediction post on 14th April 2017 , the New World is shaping up at a faster pace.

My Predictions for 2017 – 2020 : Part 10 :

The World will see a sea change as the birth of NEW IDEAS and NEW FORCES become the order of the day for the next three years 2017 – 2020.

I am just predicting based on my analysis and research and neither am i for or against any of the following. These are just my predictions without any affiliations. Share with me your ideas on my predictions once you have gone through them.

Here are some of my predictions for 2017 – 2020 on this :


During these 8 weeks, several major global events have happened, some of which i am highlighting here:

  1. On 9th June 2017 (Friday) : UK Election Results in a Hung Parliament with no party winning absolute majority after 3 major terror attacks in UK.
  2. On 8th June 2017 (Thursday) : Fired FBI Chief James Comey’s testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding Russia’s meddling in 2016 US Presidential Elections in which Donald Trump won.
  3. On 7th June 2017 (Wednesday) : Twin terrorist attacks in Tehran, Iran including it’s Parliament.
  4. North Korea has fired missiles at a regular and accelerated frequency in the past 8 weeks.
  5. 6 Major Middle East Countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE have cut off ties with Qatar citing reasons of sponsoring terrorism
  6. Ransomware software attacks have affected more than 100 countries in the world
  7. The price of the Digital Crypto Currency BITCOIN has skyrocketed to
    1 Bitcoin  = 2809.97 US Dollar = 180543.26 Indian Rupee

All these taken into account as foretold in my last Prediction post on 14th April 2017 , and in the prediction of 22nd March, 2017 I reiterate here :

My prediction is that in the next 3 years between 2017 – 2020 we will find that we are already in the middle of World War III which will again reshape our world in unprecedented ways.

We will discover collectively that the WORLD WAR II had actually never ended, and the World has been in a constant state of WAR since 1945 in the form of WARRING NATIONS against one another, COLD WAR, CYBER WAR, TERRORISM, WAR ON TERRORISM and the like.

The power of the idea of a SECULAR NATION or an ATHEIST NATION without a STATE RELIGION will weaken and RELIGIOUS FORCES will strengthen in the following countries :

  1. CHINA, NORTH KOREA, INDIA, ISRAEL, SOUTH KOREA, GERMANY, FRANCE and some other nations. (from 2017 onwards)
  2. USA, NETHERLANDS, RUSSIA and some other nations. (from 2020 onwards)


The power of the idea of a NATION with a STATE RELIGION will weaken and NEW FORCES will strengthen in the following countries :

  1. SYRIA,  ENGLAND, DENMARK, PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH, EGYPT, IRAN, IRAQ, and some other nations. (from 2017 onwards)


Also the power of the idea of ETHNIC GROUPS will strengthen all over the World, and the idea of BACK TO THE ROOTS, BACK TO YOUR HOMELAND, BACK TO YOUR MOTHER TONGUE will strengthen all across the Globe. 

Almost all the NATIONS and STATES mentioned above will see NAME changes,  NATIONAL BORDER and STATE BORDER changes and changes in the STATE RELIGIONS in the period between 2017 – 2020.

All Nations will witness major transformations worldwide and A New World will be ushered in by an Order ( a community of people with specific devotions, principles and practices)  in between 2017 – 2020.

Prithvi ka Mangal Ho !!!

Chakraborty Pritish
Group CEO, MD
Ascent Group Of Companies



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